Software Development:
Dhithi has worked on projects that follow the complete SDLC and also on projects that required specific deliverables such as System Requirements Specifications, Design Document, Coding Standards, Test Plans, User & System Manuals.

Our projects extend from Low-end technologies such as 3GLs, etc., to High-end technologies such as EAI, Data Warehousing, ERP, Client/Server, Application Development, RDBMS, dot net, etc. We have also migrated Systems from a low end to a high-end technology.

The considerable expertise developed over 25 years of Project Management has enabled us to successfully manage small as well as projects of a larger scale and given us the confidence that we can deliver what we promise.

Application Maintenance
Dhithi has also undertaken maintenance of software for its clients. These include software developed in-house as well as those developed by other software vendors. We have also set up teams, onsite and offsite, to support these applications.

Joint Development
Dhithi has partnered with IT companies in India, US and Australia in developing solutions for their clients. While this enables us to further enhance our skills, at the same time, it allows us share our knowledge within the Industry and create a synergy.

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