Support & Maintenance

Our System Development Life Cycle spans the following activities

Understanding the business,
Documenting the requirements of the business by
  developing prototypes, process-flows, use cases etc.,
Transforming the business requirements into a highly efficient
   and optimal technical architecture and design,
Developing the solution,
Integrating the solution with end-to-end testing,
Deploying the solution and providing end-user and maintaining the    solution for business upgrades.

Dhithi has a very extensive set of procedures, which spans the complete development life cycle. These procedures are flexible enough to suit the myriad types of projects that we undertake. Generating repeat orders from our existing clients is an indication of our commitment to provide customer satisfaction through our structured approach to system development.

Support Process Document

The process followed for all support projects is as follows:
  Preparation of documents 
       The first step in a support project is to check the availability and 
       condition of the documents pertaining to the project. The following
       documents need to be there:
            o  Design document which gives details of the table design
            o Program Specifications which gives details of each program                in the Project
            o Operations Manual If the above documents are not available,
               then we will prepare the same in consultation with the client.
               We do not take up support for any project without these

 Identification of issues
   Issues can be identified either by the client or by the support team.
   These may be any of the following: o Bugs
            o Minor Modifications
            o Major Enhancements
   If the support team identifies the issue, the same is communicated to
   the Project Manager (from the client side). She discusses the same
   with the users and indicates whether it should be taken forward or
   whether no action is needed. If the users identify an issue, then the
   same is communicated to the Project Manager.
   In both cases, if the issue needs to be resolved, the Project Manager
   raises a Change Request and gives the same to the Support Team.
   The Project Manager also prioritizes each Change Request.

   During this phase, the Support Team will study the request to see if
   the Change Request is really needed. In some cases, the same result
   can be achieved through other ways of which the user may not be
   Once the Change Request is validated for its need, the Support Team
   will undertake a Feasibility Study and ensure that it is possible to
   fulfill the Change Request.
   The next step is to prepare an Impact Analysis of the Change 

In this process, the Support Team does any design changes that are
   required for the Change Request.
   The Design Document and the concerned Program specifications are

   Support Team changes or writes additional code as per the details
   given in the changed Program specifications.
   All changed programs go through a Unit Test.
   The Operation Manual is changed.

Integration and Test
   After all the changes are completed, the changed code is integrated
   into the application.
   Regression Testing is done to ensure that the application does not
   have any defects.
   After the testing, the application is deployed on a test environment
   at the client location.

  The users conduct an acceptance test and sign-off that the changes 
  have been done as per the request.

  A Transition Plan is drawn that details the steps to be done to
  transition from the existing application to the changed application.
  The application is deployed to the live site based on the above
  transition plan.
  The Support Team prepares Release Notes and hands the same over
  to the client.

Version Management
   In all Support projects, the version management is very crucial as
   the application is live and hence that version needs to be maintained
   as such till the changed version is ready for deployment. During the
   changes, it is possible that some urgent issues need to be addressed
   in the live version. The Support Team manages the different versions
   of the application and ensures that the live version is supported
   continuously and no version conflict arises.

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