Dhithi Infoserve (P) Ltd. is a enterprise company run by a group of dynamic professionals with substantial years of experience in developing and implementing IT solutions. Much of the company’s work centers round innovative technology. As an independent organization, Dhithi supports clients all around the globe. Our experience has given us the competence, capability and vision to be among the best in the Industry. We have been recognized for our constant efforts to ensure and deliver high quality.

Dhithi was setup in 1999 by 2 individuals, who between them had the technical and managerial skills and most importantly the desire to build an organization where people are encouraged to think and implement technology for the betterment of our clients and contribute to the overall welfare of the society and the individual.

• Laxmeesha Acharya, the Managing Director of the company, has an overall experience of 7 years in the industry. With a degree in Management from the ICFAI Business School, Laxmeesha handles Projects and at the same time oversees Business development and Finance functions.

• Susan Philip, the Technical Director, brings to Dhithi more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. She has experience in handling multiple projects across technologies of varying sizes and complexities and also manages the HR function.

However, the success and the growth the company has achieved over the last 5 years has come in more from the contribution of the people who have worked in Dhithi, both past and present.

• To recruit and retain the best talent in the industry
• To maintain the highest level of ethics and values

“Become a premier provider of innovative software solutions while developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers”.

• Dhithi defines success by meeting, in thought, word and deed, it’s    customers’ needs and expectations.
• Dhithi has concern and respects for it’s people, who are the considered    it’s strength, leadership and vitality.
• Dhithi believes that its work will only be as good as it’s employees    and it’s procedures.

To motivate and retain highly skilled and committed man-power, Dhithi
• Has a streamlined recruiting process, which ensures the selection of    the most suited candidate per the needed situation,
• Ensures that our personnel are trained and equipped with right skills    and technology required for the successful delivery of services and    meeting the clients business needs and
• Benefits Employees with good HR policies and excellent benefits

Dhithi?s office, located in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, is a 4500 sq.ft. software development centre with:
• Facilities for 60 work-stations
• Adequate communication lines for telephone, VoIP etc.
• LAN on Windows 2003
• Internet connectivity through DSL
• 3 hour UPS for electricity backup
• Well stocked library with books and magazines
• Indoor recreation facilities

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